50X Ranch

Cameron, Texas

50X Ranch

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50X Ranch is one of the hidden gems of the white-tail and exotic hunting world. Located 10 miles Northeast of Cameron, Texas, the ranch is 440 acres of high fence property that is sure to keep hunters and their guests engaged for the duration of their time on the ranch. With over 14 species available, we have a hunt for everyone from Blackbuck to Oryx and White-Tailed deer to Elk, we have you covered.

We are enrolled in the Conservation Option through TPWD, and believe it is paramount to provide proper habitat for our herd through strict habitat management and supplemental feeding, Lyssy and Eckel 20% Protein, which is fed from nine 2000lb free choice feeders throughout the property. With five tower stands with rifle and bow windows, and five bow blinds, four of them being custom made, we have an opportunity for any hunter and their choice of bow or gun hunting.

With over 20 miles of interior roads, these 440 acres seems endless when riding around mid-morning following a hunt to see some additional wildlife. We have eight all season ponds, with some good fishing opportunities between hunts, or after the evening hunt if you would like to try your luck on some catfish!


Whitetail Hunts


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A True texas paradise
— Chris S. | Austin, Texas
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