50X Ranch



Currently, with twelve exotic species to choose from, 50X Ranch has something for everyone! Whether
you are looking for the more common exotics like the Blackbuck and Axis, or if you are looking for
something a little different such as a Blue Wildebeest or Dama Gazelle, we have animals that satisfy any
hunter, and just about any budget. With the price this includes your lodging, meals, drinks, guide, animal
care after harvest, and cull animal should one present itself and we are culling at that time. Also,
transportation to and from the airport can be included should you need it. We have multiple hunters,
and multiple harvest discounts available, feel free to contact us in order to discuss discounts that are
available! Hope to have you out to 50X Ranch for your exotic hunt!


All hunts include a 3 day / 2 night stay

*We do not include gratuity in our prices, we believe that is strictly up to the client based on our hospitality, knowledge, and customer services. Industry standard is 10%, but is strictly up to the client based on their experience. We thank you for choosing 50X Ranch for your next hunt!




Blackbuck | $2,750

Axis | $3,500

Fallow | $4,000

Aoudad | $4,250

Scimitar Oryx | $4,350

Nilgai | $4,800

Elk | $6,250

Common Lechwe | $6,250

Blue Wildebeest | $6,500

Transcaspian Urial | $7,000

Springbok | $7,250

Dama Gazelle | $8,000



  • Exotic

  • Cull buck or doe (if available)

  • Hogs and predators (if seen)

  • 3 day, 2 night stay

  • Lodging and amenities

  • Meals for duration of stay

  • Open bar

  • Airport transportation

  • Field dressing

  • Delivery to local taxidermist

  • Animal care


Ready to book? Questions? Reach Out!




Day 1
Ranch arrival 1-2PM, guest registration, orientation, sight in at firing range, afternoon hunt with personal guide, evening open bar, and dinner.

Day 2
 Wake-up at 5:30 AM, continental breakfast, morning hunt with personal guide, hot brunch, relax time, early afternoon snack, late afternoon hunt, appetizers, evening open bar, and dinner.

Day 3
Wake-up at 5:30 AM, continental breakfast, morning hunt with personal guide, and check out 11AM.

During the days, we will have a few competitions with shooting bows, play corn hole, washers, and the lodge pond is available to fish - great fun in between hunts!


the guides role

Enforce our safety policies, assist at the site in range, ranch tours, estimate the age & score of trophy, call a clear shot, determine hit or miss, track & recover if possible, field dress, quarter up, ice down meat, tape & measure, transport to local meat processor, & taxidermist.  You will hunt with someone that is truly familiar with our animals and very proficient in putting you on the deer that you are after.  We are a small operation that caters to a select few number of hunters every year.  Personal attention is our only way of doing business.  If you are an archery hunter, your guide will be an accomplished archery hunter that has hunted all over the world and “knows” archery.  Nothing is more frustrating than going on an archery hunt and having to hunt with someone that is not a bowhunter.  Bowhunters will hunt from ground blinds and we can video your hunt if you desire.



It is the guide’s call on a hit and payment is required on hit and wounded animals not recovered.  We will make multiple attempts to recover wounded game.  We have tracking dogs on the ranch.  If we find the animal after your departure, we will take the trophy to the taxidermist.

All Whitetails will be scored on site by your guide.  If you book a hunt, we will proactively keep you up-to date about the progress of our deer and hopefully you will have identified the type of deer that you’re interested in.  You will see updated photos on our website throughout the year to keep you completely up to date.  We should have an unbelievable year with some fantastic animals being harvested.

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