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50X Ranch is one of the hidden gems of the white-tail and exotic hunting world. Located 10 miles Northeast of Cameron, Texas, the ranch is 440 acres of high fence property that is sure to keep hunters and their guests engaged for the duration of their time on the ranch. With over 14 species available, we have a hunt for everyone from Blackbuck to Oryx and White-Tailed deer to Elk, we have you covered.

We are enrolled in the Conservation Option through TPWD, and believe it is paramount to provide proper habitat for our herd through strict habitat management and supplemental feeding, Lyssy and Eckel 20% Protein, which is fed from nine 2000lb free choice feeders throughout the property. With five tower stands with rifle and bow windows, and five bow blinds, four of them being custom made, we have an opportunity for any hunter and their choice of bow or gun hunting.

With over 20 miles of interior roads, these 440 acres seems endless when riding around mid-morning following a hunt to see some additional wildlife. We have eight all season ponds, with some good fishing opportunities between hunts, or after the evening hunt if you would like to try your luck on some catfish!


Brian Madden — Owner, Chef, and Guide. Brian does a little bit of everything around 50X, he has owned 50X for Six years and has made sure that it has been intensively managed, so that our clients get the best opportunity to see, and harvest animals of a lifetime. He is an avid bow hunter and doesn’t mind to have a little afternoon fun shooting with everyone. He is genuinely more excited when a client gets the animal of a lifetime, than most of the clients themselves! Once you come to 50X for a weekend of hunting, you will have made a friend for a lifetime!

Robbie McQueen — Ranch Biologist, Social Media Manager, and Guide. Robbie has been with 50X for three years as the Wildlife Biologist and Guide. He has his B.S. in Wildlife Management from Eastern Kentucky University, and currently attending Sam Houston State University for his M.S. in Agriculture with his focus being on disease in captive wildlife. He started out in the deer industry with Mr. Chase Clark and Artemis Outdoors, currently writes hunting articles for Tejas Hunting, and writes the management plan for 50X. In between hunts, you can always find him with bow in hand, shooting against Brian.

Jason O’Hara — Sales, Guide, and Washer Extraordinaire. Jason has been with Brian and 50X since the ranch was purchased in 2012. He has been a guide at 50X for six years and has been a major contributor in the direction of the social media platforms, booking hunts, and ensuring that all clients are prepared and have a great time while they are at the ranch. Jason is also a bow hunter and isn’t too far behind the crowd once the bows get taken out of the bow case for afternoon competitions. Once the hunts are over and the food is being prepared, you can always talk him into a game of Washers…come prepared!




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